What Is BHVS?

It's Benjamin Henry Viticultural Services

Benjamin Henry Viticultural Services is a recently formed, full service consultation company, founded by Ben Henry. BHVS is dedicated to provide assistance to the professional winegrowing community in the Napa Valley, as well as Sonoma, Lake and Mendicino counties. BHVS seeks to help those who wish to increase the quality and value of their fine winegrapes for the production of premium quality wines.

Services Offered:

Vineyard Consultation:

By cultural operation such as pruning, shoot thinning, leafing / lateral removal. Those clients wishing for on-going weekly or semi-monthly vineyard visits and consultations can receive this service at reduced rates.

Vineyard Development Consultation:

Site evaluation, grading, drainage, water, spacing, layout, trellis, rootstock, and variety consultation. There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into vineyard development. We can help you develop plans, recommend engineers and contractors, review your existing plans, or be your project manager. The successful development of the vineyard is the key to efficient quality winegrape production.

Vineyared Performance Evaluation:

To understand and manage vineyard performance, one needs to have objective data to help make management decisions. BHVS can measure your vineyard's performance and provide you with the data and recommendations to help you make the best decisions for cultural practices for quality improvements. These measurments can include:
  • Pruning weights, shoot numbers, node numbers: used to evaluate balanced pruning and develop recommendations for future pruning goals.
  • Cluster counts, and cluster weights and other associated data for the development of crop level forecasting.
  • Phenology data of your vineyards for tracking seasonal performance
  • Harvest data to bring together all the factors for the final product.

For more information and a vineyard evaluation without obligation, contact me at:

Benjamin Henry Viticultural Services
530 Linda Falls Terrace
Angwin, CA 94508
Tel: 707-965-3880 Fax: 707-965-3880

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